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Hi, my name is Arron Jameson. I am currently the Treasurer of our wonderful charity PACT, my day to day role is working as Head of Projects within the Travis Perkins Group. I felt compelled to give something back and use my skills and experience to help support PACT as trustee, following my own families experience of the care and support offered by the Charity. Our son Jude was diagnosed with High Risk Neuroblastoma in July 2021, throughout his 12 months of treatment and subsequent relapse. PACT provided practical and emotional support - which allowed us to spend more time together, reduced stress and importantly allowed us to create precious memories. Our beautiful son passed away in Sept 2023, where PACT's support continued. Something we will always be thankful for.

Hi, I am Nickie, I am 43 years old.  I am married to Steve and we have two children together;   Daisy aged 20 and Harrison aged 18. Harrison was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia) aged 14 years old and had to undergo chemotherapy and 2 bone marrow transplants at Sheffield Childrens Hospital. This was where I learned about PACT and how they support oncology families during the trauma of childhood cancer. I decided that I wanted to become a trustee for PACT as I am passionate about helping the charity to continue the great work that they do.

Lindsey has been married to Carl for 21 years and has 2 children, Ellie (20) and Josh (18) ​She says “when Ellie was 8 years old she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), she was on a cocktail of drugs including chemotherapy and spent lots of time at Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Ellie had only been diagnosed 2 days when Beryl came and introduced herself and told us all the wonderful ways that PACT could support us as a family and knowing she had been through the same experience as us meant so much. We have been so grateful for all the support both during and after treatment and that is why I decided to become a trustee and I look forward to working as part of a team to keep the wonderful work going and to explore new ways in which we can help families during this difficult time”

Dr Dan joined us as a medical trustee in October 2022.

I am Martyn Rhodes and I am the longest serving trustee. I became involved 16 years ago when our Son Jonathan was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Pact were there from the beginning and still support us to this day. Jonathan passed away in 2004 but I have continued to support Pact as I know first hand what a difference they can make. I started to organise a Pact charity ball 14 years ago and we have done this every year since. I support Pact in anyway I can.

My name is Liz Hunt and I am an Assistant Manager for a Children’s Home in Sheffield. In January 2018 my youngest son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, aged 7. Four words changed our lives unimaginably….’your child has cancer’! Sam was admitted to Sheffield Children’s Hospital immediately and was started on chemotherapy. It is hard to describe the whirlwind of emotions and a lot of it is now a blur, but what is still at the forefront of my mind is the fact that PACT was there for us from that very first day. Lending a listening ear, understanding, making sure we at least ate a sandwich and further down the line the precious week in Filey and day trips. Priceless! Having been through a cancer diagnoses of a child, I hope I can contribute a parent’s perspective of what is needed to support families in future.

My name is Ciara I live in South Yorkshire and work full time for the NHS in critical care. I’m a mother to three children and when I do manage to steal some ‘me’ time I like to socialise with friends. I first learnt about PACT and all the amazing work they do when my daughter aged ten was diagnosed with AML, a form of leukaemia. Everything from that time was a blur of medical professionals, statistics and drug regimes but PACT were there to hold my hand. Once my daughter achieved remission the medics were less visible but PACT never faded in presence. When the team asked me to consider becoming a trustee I was overwhelmed and felt honoured. To this day I’m happy with my decision to proceed and become part of a wonderful charity.

My name is Lucy Mellon-Jameson. I first became aware of PACT when my son, Jude, was diagnosed with High Risk Neuroblastoma in July 2021. Jude remained in constant treatment in Sheffield, Leeds and we travelled to Rome for an experimental treatment trial. Jude died in September 2023, age 5. Myself and my husband became trustees shortly before his death. For me it was that I wanted to use our experience to try to help other families going through a similar experience to ours; it felt like the pain of what we'd been through could be used for some good.

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